Join Foodies Takeout & Delivery to grow your revenue while owning your data and paying 0% commission forever.



You keep 100% of the order revenue. Our revenue comes from a tiered convenience fee that charges customers $1 for every $25 in subtotal.


Unlike other online ordering platforms you will have access to your customers' data so you can remarket to them and increase your bottom line.


Imagine the growth opportunities your business could have by retaining upwards of 30% of lost revenue that's leaving this community.

Signing up for Foodies is easy and fast.

1. Fill out the sign up form.

2. Connect your bank account to receive payments.

3. Submit your menu for us to build.

4. Receive tablet and start accepting orders!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to sign up?

We can get most stores up and running within 72 hours. Once you connect your bank to receive your payments, we start building your menu.

Why do I pay no fees?

We charge the customer an online ordering fee of $1 for every $25 in subtotal (we never charger more than a $4 fee). This means that you don’t need to mark up your prices on our platform because you’ll receive 100% of the subtotal and tips. 

How do I get paid?

We use the payment process Jupiter which you will connect to when you sign up. We can then deposit your money into your account every night!

Who will deliver our food?

When a customer selects delivery on your website or on our platform, we send a bid request to the Delivery Service Providers (DSPs). We analyze the rates and delivery times and select the best option to apply at checkout for your customer. The customer is responsible for all the fees and you keep 100% of the order revenue. 

How will our customers order through Foodies?

Along with our own online marketplace that will give your restaurant free traffic, we will add an ordering link to your website, Google Business Profile, social pages, and any other place online you wish to promote.

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